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Bartholomew Cronin

Bartholomew Cronin

President & CEO Bartholomew Cronin

Danville CBA Basic

About Us

At CroninCRE Inc. we work exclusively as a tenant advisory, focused on maximizing leverage for office tenants. The built-in conflict of interest in office leasing is that most commercial real estate brokers represent both landlords and tenants. No one would hire a lawyer who works for the other side. Yet, the equivalent happens every day when tenants work with brokers and firms that also represent landlords. So, ask your broker if they or anyone else in their office represents landlords. If so, you have a broker with a conflict of interest. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver tenant brokerage and advisory without conflict of interest in addition to lease auditing, and portfolio management. ? ?We are experienced in transactions of all sizes ranging from first offices for startups, to relocating mature businesses, to complex rightsizing, to multiple headquarter lease transactions for a rapidly growing international enterprise.?

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