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Stand Alone Retailer Land to Redevelop in Santa Ana, CA
Retailer Land Redevelopment Opportunity in Santa Ana, CA
Stand Alone Retailer property in Santa Ana - 37,000 sq ft lot that can hold up to 80 parking spaces and a restaurant (tenant) 5100 sq ft interior and 2500 sq ft patio.  NOI $120k per year.  Property tax $20k.  Restaurant may go next year but lease until 2023.  The value is in the land almost 1 acres and prime location and upside on redevelopment.  Revenue from lease to generate steady income while planning and permitting to redevelop the site.  
Offer minimum $3.3 mil.
Contact Information
phone: (408) 656-6019
Offer Valid: May 9, 2018May 31, 2018
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